GENARTS Monsters GT v7.07 For AfterEffects (Win/MacOSX)

Intuitive, extraordinarily quick, and noteworthy one-of-kind visual effects plug-ins for video compositing package - GenArts Monsters GT could be a must-have for our visual effects artists and video editors UN agency use Nuke.

Monsters GT provides you with over fifty five one-of-a-kind visual effects plug-ins, together with physics-based particles, fluids, fire, smoke, and different natural phenomena; time-based feedback effects; and a range of creative effects. Designed to enhance GenArts Sapphire's industry-standard tools, Monsters GT options GPU acceleration, precise management of impact behavior, and therefore the highest image quality on the market to maximise productivity and ability.

- Over fifty five distinctive effects, most of that don't have equivalents in Nuke
- versatile shopping for choices, together with a topic pack and eleven mini-packs
- GPU-accelerated for Nvidia CUDA cards
- 32-bit float processing/support
- Intuitive computer program
- On-screen UI widgets for several effects
- Offline hypertext mark-up language and .pdf documentation enclosed
- Support for render nodes
- Resolution-independent
- varied sensible natural phenomena effects like hearth, Smoke, Raindrops, HeatHaze, Sky and NightSky
- Utilize physics based mostly fluid dynamic tools with ImageFlow and ClipFlow
- Treat your footage with delicate tools to regulate image quality with Darken, Lighten, and Clean
- Disintegrate your supply image into a particle-based result exploitation PixFly

Link Download :
GenArts Monsters GT v7.07 For AfterEffects CC AMPED.rar
GenArts Monsters GT v7.07 For.AfterEffects CC MACOSX AMPED.rar

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